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A choreographic production about the emotional ambiguity of the colour RED for dancers with normative and non-normative bodies


26th October 2023, 8:00 pm

More performances:
27th October, 8:00 pm
28th October, 8:00 pm
29th October, 6:00 pm

Barnes Crossing, Köln
Industriestr. 170,
50999 Köln

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9,50 € reduced

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RED - rebellious liberation - passionate desire - RED - powerful mastery of the senses - concentrated dynamics - RED pulsating flow - RED

A room within in a room
Red moving lines
Connections that form shifting structures. Energies change seamlessly.
4 dancers, whose bodies physically transform the red facets and make the ambiguous power of the colour RED visible.

Red is much more than just a colour: RED stands for blood, love, passion, strength and power, but also for danger, rage, destruction and anger. In its new production extRemED, DIN A 13 tanzcompany examines the ambiguity and contrary meanings, the extremely emotional components and the powerful impact of the colour red.

Gerda König, artistic director of the company, has collaborated with choreographer Paolo Fossa to develop a mixed-abled production involving four dancers with normative and non-normative bodies. As usual in DIN A 13 tanzcompany productions, the varied physicality of the dancers and their movement repertoire is choreographed to frame the content.

Contrasts, breaks and the power of the colour red are also revealed in the interaction of the dancers with the stage design, lighting and music. Martina Kock's stage design and Marco Wehrspann's lighting design allow the various facets of the colour RED to find their space and come to expression. With his compositions, Frank Schulte creates worlds of sound that, like the colour red itself, have a direct emotional effect on the audience. This creates an immediate, personally tangible connection to the whole event for each viewer.

© Martin Miseré
© Martin Miseré
© Martin Miseré
© Martin Miseré


Artistic Concept and Production:
DIN A 13 tanzcompany (Köln, Deutschland)

Artistic Direction: Gerda König
Choreography: Paolo Fossa & Gerda König
Dancers: Míriam Aguilera , Damiaan Veens, Lisa Hellmich, Gina Laskowski

Production Management: Hanna Behr
Music: Frank Schulte
Lighting Design: Marco Wehrspann
Stage Design: Martina Kock
Costumes: Thomas Wien-Pegelow
Technical Assistance: Ivana Duzanec, Christoph Wedi
Choreographic Assistance: Damiaan Veens

Press and Public Relations: neurohr & andrä
Graphic Design: Kai Kullen
Website: Andrea Hoffmann
Social Media and Financial Management: John Hermann
Photos: Martin Miseré
Creative Producer: Anastasia Olfert

extRemED is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Fonds Darstellende Künste as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative within the #TakeHeart program, and Kämpgen Stiftung.

The DIN A 13 tanzcompany is a recipient of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia's "Spitzenförderung" funding for outstanding achievement.

  • Ministerium für Arbeit, Gesundheit und Soziales des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • NEU START KULTUR #takeHeart
  • Kämpgen Stiftung