Modul 8

07. – 17. November 2022
ZZT Köln u. Bürgerzentrum Deutz

07.–11.11.2022 mit Pernille Sonne

im ZZT (Zentrum für zeitgenössischen Tanz) in Köln Nippes

Voice and movement are the central elements in the work of Pernille Sonne.
The graduated speech artist and actress went blind due to a retinal disease and is involved in many different inclusive projects, including language education, direction, performance and dance. „To move in space and spaces“ is aim and basic idea of her work. Together with Armin Petras she wrote the piece „Close your eyes and fly“ in 2004, in which she acted and danced in the main role. This piece was also the first including a dance choreography for which an audio-descriptions was broadcasted. Today the native Danish lives in Leipzig, where she works at the Schauspiel Leipzig as author for audio-descriptions among other projects.

Currently she dedicates herself to the exploration of various channels of perception. In her work with Xenia Tanika as well as with Jan Burkhardt she focuses on researching new access points and forms of shared conscious. Aim is to leave the form of mere description and to move towards the experience of invisible, but palpable and perceptible spaces and to witness them together, blind or seeing.

12.– 17.11.2022 mit Bryce Kasson

im Bürgerzentrum Köln/Deutz

Bryce Kasson (USA/Germany)
begann im Alter von 10 Jahren zu tanzen und erhielt 1997 einen BA in Interdisziplinärer Performance von der TESC. Seine Tanz-Performance-Praxis basiert auf mehr als 25 Jahren Forschung zu Tuning Scores, Kontaktimprovisation und kontemplativer Tanzpraxis. Nach einigen Jahren in Buenos Aires kam Bryce Kasson im Jahr 2016 nach Köln. Er unterrichtet und performt weiterhin, sowohl als Clown mit seiner Clown-Company Fort Willy, als auch als Tänzer/Improvisator in eigenen Projekten und mit Kolleg:innen wie Philine Herrlein & Jennifer Döring, Marion Dieterle und Laura Hicks.

In seinem Workshop geht es um Tuning Scores und Kontaktimprovisation.